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Thursday, March 31, 2005

Sponsor Links

I added a few sponsor links at the top of the page. If you have time stop by the sites and try them out. I am trying to move this blog to a paid host so if you could click the google ads on the right it would help alot. Thanks

- Carmine

Systm and TheBroken

Kevin Rose has said that he is beginning to shoot new episodes of TheBroken and a new show similar called Systm. TheBroken is a online tech show that shows the darker side of technology which they can't show on T.V. The old episodes were pretty interesting and hopefully the new ones will be even better. Systm is supposed to be similar to the older Screensaver episodes on Tech TV and it should be up by late April

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Wednesday, March 30, 2005

I added Some RSS Feeds

I added a My Yahoo feed to this blog as well as the XML link.

- Carmine

The Showdown: Blu-Ray vs. HD-DVD

Both Blu-Ray and HD-DVD discs enable HDTV reproduction because of their massive storage capacities. Using dual-layer techniques, HD-DVD can store as much as 30 gigabytes of data while a Blu-Ray disc can pack in a whopping 50 gigabytes. In the lab, techies already are working on several-layered discs that could allow more than 100 gigabytes of storage on one disc. That's enough for several HDTV movies, special features and compelling interactive content. Or a content provider could put more than 100 hours of standard-definition quality programming on one DVD. All 180 episodes of Seinfeld on one disc, anyone?

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And i Thought MY Computer Was A Beast

If it's good enough for predicting hurricanes, it'll probably do a pretty slick job running "Doom III."

That's the thinking behind a new line of PCs from specialist VoodooPC, which has adopted liquid-cooling techniques typically reserved for supercomputers and thrill-seeking hobbyists.

The Calgary, Alberta-based company has offered several liquid-cooled systems over the past year, but the new Rage f:5 ups the ante by using two Nvidia graphics cards incorporating the company's Scalable Link Interface (SLI) technology.

As a result, hard-core gamers can run PC games twice as fast as before, without worrying about their PC achieving vertical liftoff from all the high-speed fans typically required to cool such a rig.

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OMG Sims Interactive TV Show?!?!

Well this might just be the stupidest thing that i have ever heard of....

Electronic Arts, the world's biggest video game publisher, is considering an interactive TV show that would let viewers control the actions of the characters as in its popular game "The Sims."

"One idea could be that you're controlling a family, telling them when to go to the kitchen and when to go to the bedroom, and with this mechanism you have gamers all over the world 'playing the show'," said Jan Bolz, vice president of marketing and sales for EA Europe.

The proposed show, which might involve viewers voting on possible actions, is still in the early stages, but EA confirmed it is in talks with several TV production companies. Bolz declined to disclose any additional details.

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Oooo Photoshop CS2 Details Leaked

Adobe has inadvertently leaked details of the new version of Photoshop. ahead of next week's release of an upgraded Creative Suite.

Adobe has since removed the page, but Google's cache reveals that Photoshop CS2 includes several new tools, such as Vanishing Point, letting users clone, paint and transform image objects while retaining visual perspective, and Image Warping, making it easy to fold, stretch, pull, twist and wrap an image into shape.

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Tuesday, March 29, 2005

My Design Portfolio is Almost Up

I still have some work to do on it but the basic design for my portfolio is up. Check it out and tell me what you think! For now i just have a crappy host but once i get some money into my paypal account i will buy a good host.

- Carmine

Saturday, March 26, 2005

Free Psp's!

Hey, sorry i havent updated in a while but i have been trying to get a bunch of other stuff done (i have 2 other websites that i have been working on). I will try and make a big post at least once a week from now on.

Anyways... Offercentric the people who run mp3players4free opened a new free site called Psps4free, it is the exact same as the mp3players4free one. You need to sign up, complete an offer, then refer 5 people to do the same. After thats done you will get your FREE psp or $275 US.
To Sign up Click HERE

- Carmine

Sunday, March 13, 2005

Some Great Deal Sites

Kevin Rose has posted his list of best deal websites Here.

In addition to those there are: - Canadian deal site with RSS feed. - Tech coupons and rebates also with an RSS feed. - General coupons, deals and free stuff. - Cash back offers, coupons and more. - Daily updated free stuff links.

- Carmine

Saturday, March 12, 2005

Play Gran Turismo 4 Online For Free!

Well everyone was disappointed that the makers of GT4 took online play out of the game but this guide teaches you how to play online using the LAN play and a computer with a broadband router.


- Carmine

Friday, March 04, 2005

Do You Like Lego?

Blockland is a free game in which you can build lego on the computer. You can play the game online with multiplayer too! The point of the game?? Well there isn't one really.... you just build... stuff. It is actually kind of addicting and worth a try at least...

- Carmine has 100% legal snes roms and emulators all for free. The site has a very good design and is easy to navigate without all the popups like most other rom sites. They have a forum along with the site to discuss games or find a certain game you don't know the name of which is very useful.

- Carmine

Thursday, March 03, 2005

An Underwater Resort!

Poseidon Undersea Resorts is in the final design stages of creating the worlds first underwater resort. Each room features transparent dome-like windows for viewing right from the suite. The resort also features an underwater resteraunt, bar lounge, tennis courts and even a swimming pool!


- Carmine

Lucid Dreaming...

Have you ever wished that you knew you were dreaming when it is happening? This site will show you how to realize you are dreaming and let you do whatever you want in your dream. It is almost like being god, when lucidity is at a high level you can control almost anything in your dreams.

Go to for more info on how to teach yourself to do this.

- Carmine