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Monday, April 18, 2005

Online Casino Wins Right To Name New Species of Monkey

Online casino,, has come forward as the generous bidder who recently paid $650,000 in an auction hosted by for the right to name the new species of monkey discovered in western Bolivia’s Madidi National Park by Dr. Robert Wallace of the Wildlife Conservation Society.

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Revenge of The ScreenSavers Website is Up

Leo Laporte, Patrick Norton, Kevin Rose and Robert Heron have got their website up for The Revenge of The ScreenSavers. They have the first episode up for download now also, so check it out!

Madden NFL Next-Gen Commercial Debuts on ESPN

The ad, which will run only one time during the broadcast, is a 60-second preview of the photo-realistic graphics and heart-pounding football intensity that is the essence of Madden NFL football -- an experience that will come to life like never before on the next generation of video game consoles.

Here is one screenshot of five from the next-gen Madden game.

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Near-Earth Asteroid 2004 MN4 Reaches Highest Score To Date On Hazard Scale

A recently rediscovered 400-meter Near-Earth Asteroid (NEA) is predicted to pass near the Earth on 13 April 2029. The flyby distance is uncertain and an Earth impact cannot yet be ruled out. The odds of impact, presently around 1 in 300, are unusual enough to merit special monitoring by astronomers, but should not be of public concern. These odds are likely to change on a day-to-day basis as new data are received. In all likelihood, the possibility of impact will eventually be eliminated as the asteroid continues to be tracked by astronomers around the world.

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Flying Cars Ready To Take Off

Have you ever dreamt about the day you can buzz around in your very own flying machine? Well, that day may be sooner than you think.

The folks at NASA have built something called “The Highway in the Sky.” It's a computer system designed to let millions of people fly whenever they please, and take off and land from wherever they please, in their very own vehicles.

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Sunday, April 17, 2005

Firefox 1.0.3 Released

Firefox 1.0.3 is a security update that is part of our ongoing program to provide a safe Internet experience for our customers. We recommend that all users upgrade to this latest version.

Here's what's new in Firefox 1.0.3:

Security Fixes:

  • MFSA 2005-33 Javascript "lambda" replace exposes memory contents
    MFSA 2005-34 javascript: PLUGINSPAGE code execution
    MFSA 2005-35 Showing blocked javascript: popup uses wrong privilege context
    MFSA 2005-36 Cross-site scripting through global scope pollution
    MFSA 2005-37 Code execution through javascript: favicons
    MFSA 2005-38 Search plugin cross-site scripting
    MFSA 2005-39 Arbitrary code execution from Firefox sidebar panel II
    MFSA 2005-40 Missing Install object instance checks
    MFSA 2005-41 Privilege escalation via DOM property overrides
  • Fix to improve update process.
Download Firefox 1.0.3 Here

Status of San Andreas PC and Xbox

PlanetGrandTheftAuto has posted a bit of information on the PC and Xbox versions of Grand Theft Auto San Andreas. Here are a few details.

  • The draw distance is considerably higher in the PC version when compared to the PS2 version.
  • Real reflections on buildings can be seen in a screenshot. Real reflections will also be visible on cars and shiny floors.
  • The German version will be censored of blood, you also won't be able to mug people for money.
  • You can forget washed out textures from the PlayStation 2 version. The PC version will not be a 1:1 copy of the PS2 version, but a whole new graphical experience.
  • It is not yet confirmed how the 2-player mode will work on the PC.
  • The PC version will allow you to import your own MP3 for listening on the radio. You can even specify an MP3 folder on your hard disk, which the radio will play songs from between advertisements and DJ commentary.
  • As of writing the preview, the game is 90% complete and ready to be released in June (June 7 in USA and June 10 in Europe).

Steam Update On Counter-Strike and Half-Life 2: Aftermath

Steam's News Update has been released for this week and includes the first screenshot of Half-Life 2: Aftermath!

The next big Counter-Strike release is set to include two maps. The first map will be de_port, previously mentioned here. This map is set in a resupply port for outgoing ships. The gameplay is designed for a balanced layout employing a mix of long sightlines with cover and close quarters fighting environments. The second map will be a completely redone de_inferno, a historical favorite at CS tournaments and competions. We'll be releasing some screenshots or other media from both of these maps in the next week or two.

We also promised a sneak peek into work on Half-Life 2: Aftermath. Here is a shot from that, the continuation of Gordon Freeman’s adventures that we'll be releasing as an episode later this summer.

Friday, April 08, 2005

What Type of Content do You Want to See the Most of on my Blog?

What type of content would you like to see the most of on my blog? Fill out the poll i just put up down on the right side of the page.

- Carmine

PlayStation 3 to Emerge Ahead of Xbox 2 at E3

The PlayStation 3 looks set to be the first of the next-generation consoles to take a bow in front of the world's media - albeit only by a matter of hours, with Sony announcing that its pre-E3 conference will take place just ahead of Microsoft's.

Outline hardware specifications for both systems are fairly well known; the Sony system uses the custom Cell processor, created in partnership with IBM, and a next-gen NVIDIA graphics chipset, while Microsoft has opted for standard IBM Power-series processors and an ATI graphics solution.

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Blogs On The Daily Show

Here is a funny clip from The Daily Show on how bloggers are changing the media.

Thursday, April 07, 2005

Tomorrow's Net Speeds Could be up to 1,600% Faster

"The sky's the limit," says CableLabs CEO Dick Green. "There are a lot of
high-data-rate services lurking out there — including a lot that we haven't even
thought of."

While cable operators now usually transmit broadband at 3
million bits per second (3MB), a download of "a billion bits per second is
completely doable," Comcast CEO Brian Roberts told the industry's annual
convention here this week. "The network could do this quite easily."

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Some Random Interesting Facts

Did you know a quarter has 119 grooves around the edge? Or that Neil Armstrong stepped on the moon with his left foot first? Here are some random interesting facts that I though were pretty amusing.

Google Adds Satellite Images to Maps

Google has enhanced its Google Maps and Google Local services with satellite and aerial images, letting users view digital snapshots of an area, the Mountain View, California, company announced Tuesday.

Now, users of Google Maps can choose to see an overhead photograph of the area they searched for instead of a conventional graphical map. The same option is provided to users of the Google Local index of business listings.

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Must Install Windows SP2 Starting April 12

Starting next Tuesday, April 12, computers running Microsoft Windows XP without Service Packet 2 installed will not be able to block the upgrade.

An announcement that appeared on Microsoft’s web site provides an explanation for the upcoming upgrade.

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Wednesday, April 06, 2005


I haven't had much time to really add some new posts to the site in the last few days because I have been working alot but i will have a bunch new tomorrow so check back later!

I finally got around to adding a new link today though. It is to Carlos Ponce's tech/sports blog, check it out sometime, he has some cool stuff on there. The link is on the right or you can click here Carlos Ponce.

Sunday, April 03, 2005

For All of You Who Need Referrals For etc. Check This Out is a great new site for getting referrals to any kind of thing you want (including freeipods etc.). The program runs by getting its members to join other users programs which is very easy (no need for credit cards or anything) just make a new email to sign up to all the programs. Most sites you complete give you one credit to spend on your own program of choice which people then sign up for. All the free gift sites require only 2 credits to get a referral. To sign up for this program click here. Try the site out and see what you think, I am using it and so far it has been very easy to do.

- Carmine

VERY Helpful Website For Promoting Your Blog/Website

This is a MUST read if you are trying to promote your blog. It goes through tonnes of places to add your RSS Feed as well as tips on getting people to come to your blog on a regular basis. The full article is here.

- Carmine

Saturday, April 02, 2005

Wow Even More Storage For Gmail Users

I still can't fill up my 1 Gig gmail account and now Google is doubling it? Here is the article from Computer Weekly

Google is doubling the storage capacity of its Gmail service to 2GB in a further move that is bound to shake up the web-based e-mail market.

Although Gmail is still in limited beta format one year after its official launch, it has been setting the market agenda.

Before Gmail came along, MSN Hotmail and Yahoo users got only 2MB and 6MB respectively of free e-mail storage. Both sets of users now get 250MB of free storage.

To get 2GB of e-mail storage Yahoo users currently have to pay £11.99 a year.

Speaking of Gmail, I still have a few invites if there is anyone out there who does not have an account yet. If you want an invite just post your email in the comments below and i will send you one.

- Carmine

The PSP Hack Roundup

It has been out for only a little over a week and people have already been working away at finding cool little tricks to do with your PSP. The people at Engadget have put together a list of all the hacks for your PSP here. Although some of it is common sense for the many computer user's some of it is kinda neat.

Some of the better tricks are:

To see the full list click here

- Carmine


Here is a great way to compare search engine results. Yagoohoogle combines both Yahoo and Google search engines and displays the search results both at the same time. This will save you a bit of time, and it is just nice to compare the results so easily.